Full form of HRS, What does HRS mean?

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What is the full form of HRS?

In the medical field, HRS stands for hepatorenal syndrome

HRS       : Hepatorenal syndrome

What does HRS mean?

HRS is a serious condition. It is a type of kidney failure that has a high risk of death. HRS is mostly seen in patients with cirrhosis or liver failure.
Full form of HRS, What does HRS mean?

We know, The main functions of the kidney are to remove waste and balance the body's fluid. When the kidneys stop working, the waste will accumulate in the body, which can damage the liver.

Most asked questions

What are the symptoms of hepatorenal syndrome?
Symptoms of this condition vary from fatigue and abdominal pain to various symptoms seen in advanced liver patients. It's symptoms also include jaundice, weight loss and decreased urine levels.

How is HRS treated?
The most effective treatment for this condition is liver transplantation, but in some cases, dialysis can prevent its progression to some extent

Is hepatorenal syndrome fatal?
Most of the time it is fatal. But Type 1 is even more deadly compared to Type 2. To avoid this complication, avoid alcohol and improve liver health.

Why does HRS occur?
Although the research is ongoing, the exact cause of HRS is still unknown. But it is mainly found in people with cirrhosis or liver failure

Other important HRS full forms

HRS        : Hydraulics Research Station

The Hydraulics Research Station was established in 1947 by the UK's Department of Scientific and Industrial Research with the aim of addressing issues such as flood protection, coastal erosion, river erosion etc. The UK-based research centre also worked on water-related projects around the world.

HRS       : Human Rights Service

Human Rights Service is a Norwegian nonprofit foundation established to prevent violation of human rights. The organization fought against the oppression of women and the human rights violations in the country.

HRS         : Hotel Reservation Service 
                   Information technology and services

HRS is a business travel focused world-famous company founded in 1972. Their specialities include hotel booking, billing solutions, business travel, payment solutions etc.

HRS        : Hathras Junction Railway Station
                  Indian railway station code

HRS        : Hours

HRS        : Health and Retirement Study
                  Medical, University

HRS        :Hazard Ranking System

HRS        : High-Resolution Spectrometer

HRS         :Human Resource System

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