Full form of TV, What does TV mean?

The full form of TV in the news and entertainment category is Television. TV is an electronic device that converts signals into images. When the TV was invented, the quality of the picture was not good and the cost was very high. It took about 30 years to solve these problems, and after that the use of TV became widespread.

TV          : Television

Do you know how the TV got its name? The word television is derived from the Greek language, which is a combination of two words. the first part Tele means ‘far away’ in Greek while the second part vision means ‘sight’.
Full form of TV, What does TV mean?

The invention of television brought great changes to our lifestyle. In the early days, we had no contact with the world, We were not even aware of our own country.

But television brought the whole world to a small screen. Today, we can sit in our house and see everything happening around the world.

As technology grows, the shape and size of TVs are changing rapidly. At first, the shape of the TV was large and box-like, but now the TVs are too flat and lighter in weight. TVs are now available in various sizes and prices.

Television has both good and bad sides, just like every coin has two sides. The television industry has an important role to play in improving the economy of a country through the sports and film industry. This sector also provides knowledge and various employment opportunities for many peoples.

Watching too much television is not good for health, it can lead to serious health problems and mental health problems. Bad movies and cartoons may lead to violence and criminal behaviour in children

Most asked questions

What does TV stand for / What does TV mean?
Ans. Television

When was electronic television invented?
Ans. The world's first electronic television was invented in 1921

How does TV work?
Ans. They capture the signal and convert it into picture and sounds. Each picture is known as a frame and it will present these frames very quickly to our eye.

Other important full forms of TV

TV                     : Tuvalu
Category            : Country

Tuvalu is a small country in the Pacific Ocean. TV is the ISO 3166 code for this country.

It is a less populated country with an area of ​​only 26 square kilometres. countries have many ways to make money but Tuvalu makes their majority of the income from the Internet TLTD .tv.

TV                    : Top View
Category          : Engineering

This word is mainly used in engineering graphics and drawings. What you can see when looking at the top of an object is called the top view.

TV                    : Tricuspid valve
Category          : Medical, Biology

This valve is found on the right side of the heart, and its function is to act as a one-way valve to prevent the backflow of blood.

TV                     : Time value
Category           : Finance

The full form of TV in finance is Time value, It is defined as the difference between Option Value and Intrinsic Value

TV                      : Tidal Volume
Category            : Medical

Tidal volume is the amount of air flowing in or out of the lungs during normal breathing

TV                      : Terminal Value
Category            : Business

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