(Full form of TPMS) What does TPMS mean?

The full form of TPMS in the automotive field is Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.

TPMS : Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

What is TPMS?

Full form of TPMS

It's an equipment which will show the correct pressure and temperature inside the tyre of a vehicle.

The number of cars is increasing day by day, which also increases traffic, pollution and accidents. No matter how careful we are, accidents can happen, but we can reduce them dramatically.

Many of the road accidents are caused by tires busting. The life of the tyre can be increased by maintaining proper air pressure and temperature

 Most of us don't know the exact reason for tyre busting, the main reason for tyre bursting is under inflation not over inflation, why?

Because, when the tyre has more air the tyre wear occur at the center of the tyre but when the tyre has less air the frictional force between the tyre and road will increase, this will results in faster tyre wear especially in two sides of the tyre and faster tyre wear leads to unexpected tyre busting. 

To avoid this unexpected tyre busting we need to monitor the exact air pressure and temperature. If we know the air pressure inside the vehicle tyre we can increase or decrease whenever we need.

What is the use of TPMS?

We already discussed the importance of knowing the air pressure inside a tyre. Now can we use it? It reminds us when we have to do inflation or deflation.

Every tyre manufacturer will provide the required air pressure for the tyre, we can set these pressures in TPMS and when the air pressure falls below this pressure the system will reminds us by a beep sound. Other than pressure, TPMS also provides temperature inside the tyre.

Working of TPMS?

TPMS mainly consist of sensors and transmitters. Today many vehicles have inbuilt TPMS. 

Each tyre mouth is fixed with a sensor, transmitter and a battery. Sensor will sense the air pressure and temperature inside the tyre and the transmitter will transmit the data and the display will show it. When the pressure inside the tyre falls below or rises above the selected range on the equipment it will start to alarm.

In railway, The TPMS stands for Terminal Pipeline Management System.

TPMS : Terminal Pipeline Management System

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