Full form of LAN, MAN and WAN, What does LAN, MAN and WAN stand for?

What does LAN mean?

LAN      : Local Area Network

Full form of LAN is Local Area Network, It's a privately owned network to interconnect the devices within a single building, office or university of up to a few kilometres in size. The requirements of interconnection between the computers in universities and labs led the way to the discovery of LAN. After the introduction of LAN, it became popular in both commercial as well as academic environments.

Full form of LAN, MAN and WAN
Even though LAN only covers less area the network can be small or big depending on the place where it installed. For example, it will be small when installed in a home network and it will become a bigger network when it comes to an office where thousands of devices are interconnected.

Based on the requirements the LAN may be wired or wireless. In wireless type, users can move to some distance and wifi is the most common technology used in wireless LAN.

Local area networks can be arranged in the form of ring topology, star topology, bus topology etc.

What does MAN mean?

MAN.             : Metropolitan Area Network

Full form of  MAN is Metropolitan Area Network. MAN covers a larger area when compared to LAN. This is a bigger form of LAN and both the networks use the same technology.

MAN is a network within a city which is mainly used in big universities, bigger companies with multiple buildings etc.

What does WAN mean?

WAN             : Wide Area Network

Full form WAN is Wide Area Network. It is a network which provides long-distance transmission of information over a large geographical area. The range of MAN is up to 100 km, but when it comes to WAN it is beyond 100 km.

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