Full form of DMRC, What does DMRC stand for?

The full form of DMRC is Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. It is a public sector company that operates and maintains the Delhi Metro. DMRC was established in 1995 and E Sreedharan was the first Managing Director.

DMRC       : Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

The Delhi Metro was a relief to the people of Delhi who have been struggling with traffic. DMRC has received many awards for their quality work. DMRC gives more importance to the safety of their workers. They also made rainwater harvesting in stations.
Full form of DMRC, What does DMRC stand for?

Metro rail was a new experience for the Indian Urban transport sector. Air Conditioned, Eco Friendly and mass transportation facilities differentiate the delhi metro from other transportation facilities. Delhi metro is also the first driverless metro in India.

Fifty per cent of the company is owned by the central government and the remaining 50 per cent is by the state government.

Most asked questions

What does DMRC stand for?
Ans. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

Where is dmrc headquarters located?
Ans. Delhi, India

When was the DMRC established?
And. 1995 May 3

Who was the first Managing Director of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation
Ans. E. Sreedharan

Other important DMRC full forms

DMRC            : Desert Medicine Research Centre
Category        : Medicine

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is an institute under ICMR. It was established in 1984 with the intent of researching and studying human health problems in the desert. Within a short period of time, DMRC was able to collect data on human diseases in the desert. DMRC's goals include studying health issues and strengthening health technologies in India.

DMRC Headley Court    :Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Headley Court
Category                        :Military, London

In the military, the full form of DMRC is Defense Medical Rehabilitation Center Headley Court. It was built in 1899 and from 1985 to 2018 It was used as a rehabilitation centre for British armed forces.

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