ABS full form, What does ABS stand for?

What is the full form of ABS?

The full form of ABS is the Anti-lock Braking System. It is a modern safety braking system to stop the vehicle with more control. Just like the name indicates, ABS avoids tyre locking when applying sudden brakes.

ABS          : Anti-lock Braking System

Imagine what will happen if we apply sudden brakes, of course, the tyre will skid and we may lose control of the vehicle. In some cases, it will lead to accidents especially in two-wheelers. If the vehicle is moving at high-speed even experienced drivers can't stop the vehicle without ABS. ABS has 4 major components,

1. Sensors: Sensors are used to monitor the speed of each wheel

2. Valves: valves are used to control the pressure according to the pressing of brake pedal 

3. ECU (Electronic control unit) : ECU is the brain of ABS, ECU receive signals from the sensor and give instructions to the HCU

4. HCU (Hydraulic control unit) : It consists of pump valves etc, HCU work according to the instructions given by ECU.

Frequently asked questions

What does ABS stand for?
Ans: anti-lock braking system

Briefly explain working of ABS?
And: ECU will always monitor the speed of all the wheels using sensors. Whenever the values exceed the fixed threshold it will signal the HCU unit and HCU make the desired changes in pressure.

Other important ABS full forms

ABS        :  Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene 
Category : Chemistry

A thermoplastic resin mainly used for molding applications. Impact resistance, toughness and heat resistance are the major properties, the properties can be improved by changing the proportions properly.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is flammable at higher temperatures and they will be damaged by sunlight.

ABS         : Absent 
Category  : Education

It is mainly used in the education field to mark the absence.

Abs          : Abdominal muscle
Category  : Biology, Fitness

In humans, abs is a paired muscle that passes through each side of the anterior wall. We can see 6 packs, 8 packs or 10 packs in the abdomen of a man with low fat.

ABS           : Australian Bureau of Statistics
Category    : Government, Australia

It is an Australian government agency to provide statistics on pollution, economics etc to help in taking important decisions.

ABS           : American Bureau of Shipping
Category    : Shipping, USA

The aim of ‘American Bureau of Shipping’ is to provide security for property, life and environment by developing standards in offshore and marine areas.

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